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Hello guest and welcome to The Lost Academy also known as TLA. Here on TLA we rp as our own characters not canons sorry guys. We also have 2 main rules that are.

1. Have Fun

see ya

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This is where you can role-play a Naruto universe using D&D 4E rules.
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 Ch.1 - Academy Graduation

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PostSubject: Ch.1 - Academy Graduation   Wed Jul 07, 2010 12:21 am

Today is the day of the academy graduation. The sun is shining brightly down upon Konoha and the streets are busy. Academy students are all rushing to class and people are on there way to work while others are out shopping. There are 21 hopeful graduates this year and there families are all hoping that they will pass and become Genin. The younger academy students are still running around the streets as their classes ended yesterday and they have begun their summer vacation.

((OC: Once Zero and Kuro are ready the story can begin. I will need each character to describe what they are doing as they head to the academy and if they plan on being on time or if they will be late. Also from here on Kuro and Zero will be telling the story. Please also be aware that at least one student will not pass the final exam.))


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PostSubject: Zero gets ready for class   Sat Jul 10, 2010 10:03 pm

Zero stretched himself while yawning as the first sun rays entered his room through the window. He scratched the back of his head lazily which made his green hair a bigger mess then it already was. He walked over to his closet and changed from his blue pajamas into his green pants and blue sleeveless shirt. He then grabbed his yellow bandanna and tied it on his head and grabbed his yellow scarf and put it on around his neck. He went to the kitchen and grabbed a few pieces of strawberry pockey and started eating as he walked over to the door and put on his blue shoes with red soles. He grabbed his belt pouch and put it on then placed LOVELESS into one of the compartments.

"Guess I'm ready to go. Maybe I'll take some pockey with me just encase." Zero headed back to the kitchen and grabbed a box of his strawberry pockey and slid it into the second compartment of his belt pouch. "Now I'm ready, but it looks like I'll be a little late for class today. Oh well I need the exercise any way so I guess I'll just run and see if I can still make it on time." Zero left his apartment and locked the door then he jumped down the stairs and started running through the streets.

Zero thought to himself: Maybe it would be faster if I just ran across the rooftops. He decided to leave the streets and made his way for a building dodging people that were in his way. Once he reached the building Zero performed the tree climbing jutsu. Zero ran straight up the building wall and onto the roof where he continued to run across and jump over the rooftops. Thinking to himself: This is much faster, no one will be in my way while I'm up here.

Jutsu used: Tree Climbing Jutsu
Chakra used: 1

HP: 60
Chakra: 49

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Ch.1 - Academy Graduation
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