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Hello guest and welcome to The Lost Academy also known as TLA. Here on TLA we rp as our own characters not canons sorry guys. We also have 2 main rules that are.

1. Have Fun

see ya

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This is where you can role-play a Naruto universe using D&D 4E rules.
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PostSubject: Desire   Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:15 pm

Nen (Desire)
Chakra Control (Spirit; Requires Satori (10 feet) (a); [Muramasa Hijutsu]
Rank: 3 (C-Class);
Range: Medium (20 ft. + 10 ft./2 extra chakra);
Target: One creature with a Int score of at least 5;
Duration: Concentration (up to 1 round/2 extra chakra) plus 1 round;
Saving Throws: Int negates;
Chakra Resistance: Yes;
Chakra Cost: 6.

Using this technique, the user forces any one of the following commands per 2 extra chakra (minimum 1) into the subject, which it must follow unless it succeed the Int save, for as long as the technique is maintained. It can also make an additional Int save at a -4 penalty every round in order to break free from the technique.

  • Approach: On the subject's turn, the subject moves toward the caster as quickly and
    directly as possible. The subject may do nothing but move during his turn, and he incurs attacks of opportunity for this movement as normal.

  • Drop: On the subject's turn, he drops whatever he is holding. The subject can't pick up any dropped item until his next turn.

  • Fall: The subject immediately falls to the ground and remains prone. He may act
    normally while prone, but takes any appropriate penalties.

  • Flee: On the subject's turn, he moves away from the caster as quickly as possible. The subject may do nothing but move during his turn.

  • Halt: The subject stands in place. The subject may not take any actions, but may defend himself normally.

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