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This is where you can role-play a Naruto universe using D&D 4E rules.
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 Void Clone Death Trap

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PostSubject: Void Clone Death Trap   Tue Jun 29, 2010 2:25 pm

Kuu Bunshin no Haetori (Void Clone Death Trap)
Ninjutsu [Lost Kinjutsu]
Rank: 13 (S-Class);
Range: Personal (see text);
Target: You (see text);
Duration: 5 rounds/7 chakra;
Saving Throws: Fortitude negate (see text);
Chakra Resistance: Yes;
Chakra Cost: 14

This forbidden technique was created for multiple purposes, such as kidnapping and assassinations. It creates a clone which is filled with void; in other words, inside the clone is an empty space. The clone has the characteristics of a standard Kage Bunshin, but can walk on water freely and may fly at his base speed with poor maneuverability. The clone may go about freely, as long as he stays within a hundred feet of the user. By spending an attack action, the clone may suck in a creature of the same size category or smaller within the technique's range (based on the Clone's current location) inside his body, thus trapping it inside the void unless it succeeds a
Str save (as per technique).

While the Kuu Bunshin holds a creature, he may no longer walk on water or fly, but he gains a number of hit points equal to the total character hit points of the creature he absorbed. While in the Kuu Bunshin, the absorbed creature is fully conscious of what happens outside, but may not speak outside the clone, or harm the clone from the inside. If the clone is damaged while he holds a creature inside him, the absorbed creature takes double the damage (which bypasses any hardness or damage reduction). Force effects do not damage the creature trapped inside the clone.

As a free action, when he is holding a creature inside him, the clone may blow himself up and deal 200 points of force damage to any creature in a 30-feet-radius, which can be halved by a successful Dex save (as per technique); the held creature is then freed, but not before suffering double damage from the explosion with no saves allowed. If a clone is destroyed or the duration is up, even if it holds a creature inside him, it simply disappears in a puff of smoke and any held creature is thus freed.

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Void Clone Death Trap
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