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This is where you can role-play a Naruto universe using D&D 4E rules.
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 Medical Ninjutsu: Secrets - Miracle Rebirth

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PostSubject: Medical Ninjutsu: Secrets - Miracle Rebirth   Mon Jun 28, 2010 3:36 am

Iryou Ninjutsu: Hiken - Kyoui Saisei (Medical Ninjutsu: Secrets - Miracle
Ninjutsu (Medical; Requires Treat Injury 18 ranks, 4 or more Iryou Ninjutsu and Hiken - Nikuteki Taisha (t))
Rank: 14 (Super S-Class);
Range: 5 feet;
Target: One living creature;
Duration: Instantaneous;
Saving Throws: Str negate (harmless);
Chakra Resistance: Yes (harmless);
Chakra Cost: 200 (see text).

This technique is an extremely powerful but also immensely costly to perform alone. It is fairly well known, but most hidden villages seldom have strong enough medics to perform it. The target is put in a stasis the moment the user starts to perform the technique—a stasis which ends if the user is interrupted. While in the stasis, the subject does not lose hit points, all poisons, diseases or other periodic effects (including positive effects like regeneration or fast healing) are delayed. All delayed effects resume if the stasis ends before the technique is completed, and the time spent concentrating counts as though the same duration had really passed and the creature was never put in a stasis.

When the technique is completed, and if the subject had died one round before being put in the stasis, it is brought back to -9 hit points and stable. The creature is also healed of all poisons and diseases, temporary and permanent ability damage and ability drain, paralysis, insanity effects, nausea, blindness, deafness, fatigue, exhaustion and all tenketsu damage and chakra coil damage, both temporary and permanent, and is immediately stabilized if it
was dying.

If the subject was missing a limb, and the limb was recovered and severed less than 5 days ago, it can be reattached without penalty to the subject, but won't be usable for 1 week afterwords. Severed heads cannot be reattached.

The subject will heal hit points (and hit points only) twice as fast during bed rest for 1d4 days afterwords.

The user may have up to four Jounin or higher Medical Specialists aiding him performing this technique, each granting a +2 circumstance bonus to the Ninjutsu, and taking a fraction of the technique's chakra cost (100 for a single assistant, 66 for two, 50 for three and 40 for four assistants). Each assistant must concentrate on the technique for the whole time it is being performed, and benefit from the circumstance bonus provided by multiple assistants as the user. The aids do not need to be able to perform the technique. If an aid cannot pay the chakra cost, the technque fails.

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Medical Ninjutsu: Secrets - Miracle Rebirth
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