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This is where you can role-play a Naruto universe using D&D 4E rules.
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 Transformation Technique

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PostSubject: Transformation Technique   Sun Jun 27, 2010 7:01 am

Henge no Jutsu (Transformation Technique)
Rank: 1 (E-Class)
Range: Personal (see text);
Target: You (see text);
Duration: 10 minutes / level (D; see text);
Saving Throws: None;
Chakra Cost: 1.

This technique is taught to most every student of the academy, minus those that can't or won't use Ninjutsu. Using this technique, the user assumes the form of a creature of same size category as he is or smaller. He may freely designate the specifics of his new form (such as height, weight, hair texture and color, skin tone, etc.). In this new form, the user keeps his hit dice and special abilities, but does not gain any of his new form's extraordinary, supernatural or spell like abilities other than its natural weapons and cannot change his voice. He keeps his own ability scores, levels, hit points, allegiance,
base attack and save bonuses, but they are adjusted accordingly as per his new size category (if any change occurred).

In this new form, the user can use all his extraordinary, supernatural and spell like abilities unless they use a limb or body part that he does not currently posses in his new form. He can create equipment, natural weapons or simply make it so that his new form carries the same equipment as he does, but cannot create something overly complicated or that uses Chakra (no master crafted objects, no advanced weaponry, exploding tags, summoning scrolls, etc) and is not automatically proficient in them; any part of the body or piece of equipment that is separated from the whole reverts to its true form. He cannot
use any technique of any type unless his new form allows him to, but is still capable of speech even if his new form would not usually be. Even in his new form, he retains his own creature type and does not gain any immunities he would with another (such as vermin's immunities to mind affecting attacks). The new form cannot be smaller than Tiny and he gains a +1 bonus to Disguise checks per level (maximum +15) if he uses the technique to disguise into another creature. The new form will not provide warmth if he is not clothed.
The user can also use Henge to transform into an object of his size category or smaller, but that is no smaller than Tiny. The DC in that case is equal to 10 + the purchase DC of the object. He cannot transform into advanced weaponry or mastercrafted weapons, nor can he replicate the effects of an object crafted with chakra (see above).

He may use Henge no Jutsu to transform his clones, but doing so increases the skill threshold and perform DC by 3, and costs 1 more chakra per clone transformed. The range of the technique in this case is of 20 feet and affects any clones at the user's discretion within that range.

When the a transformed creature is hit while maintaining a transformation, it must succeed a Concentration check (DC 10 + damage dealt) or see the technique abruptly end (note that each step of mastery grants a +1 bonus to this check). A creature that interacts with or intently observes the transformed creature may make a Spot check (DC 25 or opposed by the disguise check) to recognize it as transformed, but will not be able to determine what the true form of the creature or the user is. Creatures that can See Chakra or See Through Chakra can make a Spot check (DC 10) to notice chakra moving in an
odd pattern around the user, which will in turn allow the creature to make a Ninjutsu check (DC 16) to identify the pattern as a result of Henge.

The user, when performing Henge, may also spend 1 additional point of Chakra to add 10 minutes to the technique's duration, up to 10 minutes per level.

Each step of mastery in this technique grants the user a +1 bonus to the user's
Concentration check made to avoid losing the technique if damaged.

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Transformation Technique
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