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This is where you can role-play a Naruto universe using D&D 4E rules.
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 Way of Purification: White Sword

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PostSubject: Way of Purification: White Sword   Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:58 am

Haradou: Hakutou (Way of Purification: White Sword)
Ninjutsu (Requires Concentration 4 ranks) [Lost Kinjutsu, Good]
Rank: 3 (C-Class);
Effect: Creates up to one hakutou per 3 level (maximum 5);
Duration: 10 minutes/level (or until used);
Saving Throws: None;
Chakra Resistance: Yes;
Chakra Cost: 5 per hakutou.

In ancient times, this technique was used by demon hunters both as a mean to know their friends from foes, and as a method to combat them. This technique creates up to 5 hakutou, depending on the user's skill, which are in fact cross-shaped daggers that weigh absolutely nothing. A hakutou can only do harm to an evil creature, as it feeds off hatred.

To any such creature, the hakutou deals 25 points of piercing damage, plus any modifier to melee or thrown weapon damage the user may have (as the case may be), as well as 25 points of holy damage, which isn't multiplied on a critical hit. Furthermore, the area hit glows a brilliant white for a moment, indicating both that the creature is in fact evil, and revealing its position to anyone watching, acting as a beacon for other hunters.

After being used, the hakutou disintegrates into nothingness. For all intent and purposes, a hakutou is considered to be a standard dagger.

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Way of Purification: White Sword
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