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Hello guest and welcome to The Lost Academy also known as TLA. Here on TLA we rp as our own characters not canons sorry guys. We also have 2 main rules that are.

1. Have Fun

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This is where you can role-play a Naruto universe using D&D 4E rules.
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 Great Blazing Sphere

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PostSubject: Great Blazing Sphere   Sun Jun 27, 2010 5:22 am

Gouenkyuu (Great Blazing Sphere)
Ninjutsu (Katon; Requires Goukakyuu no Jutsu (5)) [Fire, Uchiha Itachi Hijutsu]
Rank: 9 (S-Class);
Range: 50-ft. long, 15-ft. wide line and 30-ft. radius burst emanating from the user;
Duration: Instantaneous;
Saving Throws: Reflex half;
Chakra Resistance: Yes;
Chakra Cost: 10.

This technique, created by the genius ninja Uchiha Itachi, is a vast improvement of the Uchiha clan's Goukakyuu. This technique deals 100 points of damage in a 15-ft. wide, 50-ft. long line of fire coming from the user, which can be halved with a successful Reflex save. When the line reaches its end, it explodes in a 30-ft. radius burst from its ending point. The damage dealt by this technique is either from the burst, or the line—both effects do not deal additional damage to a single creature.

The user can empower the technique to deal an additional 25 damage at the cost of 10 points of Chakra per 25 damage, up to 200 (maximum 25 per level).

Each step of mastery in this technique allows the user to increase the length of the line by 5 feet, or the burst radius by 2 feet (rounded to the nearest 5-feet unit).

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Great Blazing Sphere
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