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Hello guest and welcome to The Lost Academy also known as TLA. Here on TLA we rp as our own characters not canons sorry guys. We also have 2 main rules that are.

1. Have Fun

see ya

~Head admin: Zero~

This is where you can role-play a Naruto universe using D&D 4E rules.
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 Forum Rules...READ

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PostSubject: Forum Rules...READ   Sun Jun 20, 2010 9:55 pm

  1. Be nice

    For starters, be nice to each other. With a lot of people together in/on
    a place, naturally not everyone will agree with you on something.
    Everyone has different opinions on various issues, let's all be
    respectful towards each other and our opinions.
  2. No God-modding.
    God-moding is where you perform actions without giving a
    chance for another participant to respond.
  3. Dyslexia

    Dyslexia is a problem many people have to deal with these days. That's
    why, every now and then, when someone posts it may not be in perfect
    grammar/spelling. It's not appropriate to keep pointing out these little

    On the other hand, if you know you are dyslexic, try to keep the story
    short, and press [Enter] every now and then. Even though many people
    have tried, time has proven that reading through a sea of letters
    without commas, enters and so forth is rather daunting, and discourages
    readers from paying attention to the post in question. Your post may be
    neglected, and that's a shame.

    Let's also keep in mind that not everyone is as "gifted" as *you*
    are. In short: Be nice, be respectful, and try not to be rude.
  4. No Flaming/Trolling

    Flamewars contribute absolutely nothing to the forums. Don't get
    aggravated. If a mod or Admin encounters a (potential) flamewar, the
    participants, but in any case the starter, will be warned, if not banned
    for a time span the moderator/admin in question deems fit. Users can
    also receive cuts in reputation, posts etc. for the same behavior.

    There is no gain in hammering on about a particular subject. If a thread
    degrades to a "yes/no" fight, be the smarter one and leave it be.
  5. Don't go "Off-Topic"

    Try and keep the discussion on-topic as much as possible. We are the
    last to say that "off-topic is evil!" but that does not mean we condone
    total off-topicness. If a thread gets out of hand, leave it be, and
    contact a moderator/admin.

    Have some respect for another person's topic. If the topic means nothing
    to you, then stay out, but don't make "funny" remarks. If your remarks
    are enough of an annoyance/offensive to other members, appropriate
    action may be taken by moderators and administrators, in accordance with
    these rules.
  6. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

    Know who you are talking to. There are a lot of people on these boards
    that have been in the community a long time, think webmasters,
    moderators and naturally the administrators. Advice from these members
    is not to be taken lightly. You, after all, asked the question and
    wanted information, not them.
  7. Don't SCREAM

    Don't go screaming for a solution (Screaming? How do I do that in a
    text-based discussion?). For example, the excessive use of caps. TEXT
    WRITTEN LIKE THIS is extremely annoying, and you will annoy the other
    users. If you ever want to make yourself CLEAR then you just accentuate a
    particular piece of text. Stay true to the netiquette and keep your use
    of caps in check.
  8. No illegal activities

    Links to websites that contain illegal games/movies, pornographic sites
    (with the exception of the Bath House), sites with grotesque, violent
    and/or racist content are NOT to be posted.

    For posting of these sites you will be banned, no questions asked.

    Discussions and questions about things like MP3 and DiVX are allowed to a
    certain extent. MP3 and DiVX are file formats/codes and those are not
    illegal, their content however, can be illegal. If anything, try and
    use logic when posting links to such downloads.

    BitTorrent downloads to Anime and Mangas are allowed.
  9. Pornographic Material

    There is absolutely no pornographic material allowed outside of the Bath
    House section. This includes the posting of images depicting genitalia,
    bare breasts or depicting sexual acts (real or simulated). Linking to
    websites with such content is also not allowed. Posting such material is
    grounds for a temporary to permanent ban, subject to the severity of
    the offense and discretion of the moderators.

    Within the Bath House section, posting of material depicting explicit
    penetration; law-violating material including, but not limited to, child
    pornography, bestiality, rape or violence will earn you a permanent

    All cases regarding questionable material will be dealt with on a case
    by case basis by the staff.
  10. Advertisements or "SPAM"

    If you want to advertise your forum/website, put the link in your
    profile. If people want to visit your site, they will use the link in
    your profile. Alternatively, make a topic in our Ad Board section. But outside of these, advertisements are NOT

    "Easy money" topics like pyramid games, banner click systems, chain
    letters etc. etc. are not tolerated in this forum, topics of such nature
    will be removed.
  11. Racism, Cultural Intolerance, Gender and Sexual Orientation

    Racism, maliciously inappropriate remarks pertaining to cultures,
    gender, sexual orientation or other degrading remarks are things you do
    only once. Posting of such slander most likely will get you a ban, the
    length will be up to the Banning Moderator and can be between a week to
  12. Be Clear!

    Please be certain that your topics and posts are clear as to their
    meaning, and contribute to the forum or thread. Uncertain thread titles
    such as "Oh my Gawd!" or "Lookit what I found!" create confusion and
    make it difficult for people to discern your purpose. Moderators may
    rename your thread title if they find it unclear or unspecific.
  13. Spoilers

    Keep the spoilers in check, some people are not at the point where you are, and perhaps vice versa.
    Remember to use tags where appropriate, and if unsure, better safe than

    If you're unsure, PM moderators and administrators.
  14. Seek, and thou shalt find

    The board has a nifty function, we so lovingly call "the Search
    Function". When posting a topic, or asking a question, use the search
    function first to make sure the question has not been answered yet.

    And there is always;
  15. Personal Affairs

    Personal affairs (Example: Problems with other members) are NOT to be
    fought out via the forums. If you have some kind of problem with
    someone, use an instant messenger program like MSN, ICQ or AIM, you can
    always e-mail each other, or use the PM function.

    The forum and its members have no part in it, so don't make them be.
  16. Reputation system abuse

    Q. What is rep abuse?

    Rep abuse constitutes the following:

    1. "Repwhoring" - Getting involved in a circle of friends to rep each
    other as much as possible and/or continually asking for rep, either with
    or without contributing something to be repped for. Even if it is only
    back and forth between two people constantly it still counts as rep

    -Rep me and I'll rep you back sigs.

    -Basically, if we see that you are repping people back for no other
    reason than to boost their rep amounts the staff will intervene as we
    see fit.

    -Making threads asking for people to rep you.

    -Posting "REP ME" or any variants that are synonymous to it in any and
    all threads on the boards.

    -Sites that suggest rep whoring or "REP ME" are up for interpretation.

    -Asking for rep via different mediums. (IMs, PMs, Rep messages etc)

    2. Leaving nothing but or almost nothing but negative reputation
    comments for people in general.

    3. Leaving nothing but or almost nothing but negative reputations or
    repeatedly leaving negative reputation for the same member.

    4. Revenge negging (Member A neg reps Member B, Member B negs Member A
    back). Meaning do not neg someone just because they negged you. However,
    the staff may not punish you if it is seen as a legitimate neg even if
    it is in a short time frame. The staff may not act if we believe the rep
    in return is valid or if the person does not have a history of doing
    it. If we see you baiting a member in a rep just so they would neg you
    back we may rep ban you instead. Also do not ask another
    person to neg someone for you because you are unable to neg them at the

    5. Gang Negging (Getting a group of 2 or more people to go and neg one
    or more people).

    6. Using flaming, cursing, and insults in reputation comments.

    Acceptable use for positive rep is to reward a post, thread, set
    (Avy/Sig), and/or contribution (Pimps, translations, etc). Acceptable
    use for negative rep is to disapprove of a post, thread and/or set
    (Avy/Sig). Any other motive for repping (positively or negatively) is
    rep-crime and is subject to sanction including extended or permanent rep
    ban and/or large or complete rep cuts. The staff are given wide
    discretion, sometimes complete discretion, as to the interpretation of
    your rep behavior and, once accused of rep-crime, the burden falls upon
    the accused to prove innocence. Furthermore, staff are given wide
    discretion, sometimes complete discretion, as to the sanction to be
    incurred for rep-crime and may include behavior unrelated to the
    rep-crime when determining said sanction.

    Rep abuse is a serious misconduct, and can result in

    1. Your reputation being disabled/put into the negative

    2. A ban(seal), slash, and/or rep reset

    Any violation of the other rules in the course of giving a reputation
    comment is also considered abuse.
  17. Images

    I. When an image moves the forum out of proportion please link
    it or place inside a spoiler tag.

    II. Uploading/Posting any inappropriate or pornographic material
    is prohibited and can result in a permanent ban.

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Forum Rules...READ
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